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Sinoright International Trade Co., Ltd was founded in 2011 and is located in Dalian, which is known as the Pearl of North China. Dalian is also known as Northern Hong Kong. We have maintained a high-speed development. From the initial 2 million to the current sales of 20 million dollars. Our Sales team has more than 20 people. It is a sophisticated and energetic team. We love life, cherish life, and respect nature. Our products have grown from 20 to 300+, and we are willing to realize our own value by continuously providing one-stop procurement services to customers. We are willing to be friends with people all over the world, and jointly provide efficient service support for the development of the industrial field. Now we have provided services to 1000+ industrial customers in more than 70 countries, such as Basf, Pfizer, Cargill, Firmenich, Bayer, etc. We accept any number of orders and all payment terms. We are willing to help our customers save time, save money, save energy, and improve production efficiency. Chemical products are our basic business. Products include fine chemicals, food additives, vitamins, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. At the same time, it extends to chemical-related equipment such as pumps and valves, PEEK new materials, Power tools, and each business plant is our brother company. It is a unique strategic partnership with us. We always uphold the business philosophy of ‘going to do the right thing and doing the right thing’. We are your right choice and will become your loyal business partner to jointly build a happy social environment.



Vitamins have extremely wide application areas. From food to beverage, from pharmacy to supplement, vitamins can be found everywhere.
Sinoright built up a fortune based on vitamin exporting, especially ascorbic acid, which is widely known as vitamin C. It is still and always will be our pillar scope.
We signed exclusive agent agreement with Shandong Luwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. As one of the major producers of vitamin C, Luwei takes high market share and has earned good fame and praise from customers all around the world.

With their strong support, Sinoright has grown into one of the leading exporters of vitamins.


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API & Intermediates

API & Intermediates

Sinoright is a supplier of various kinds of generic API and Intermediates.
Backed by large sum of excellent producers of API and intermediates in China, we can help customers to save time, save money and save energy.
All of our associated companies’ facilities are designed to meet the standards of API & Intermediates.

We can provide regular certifications such as ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001, GMP, FDA and so on.

We are dedicated to the society with excellent products, and strive to make new contributions to the health of the people.

Products: paracetamol, aspirin, praziquantel, salicylic acid...

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Food Additives

Food Additives

Sinoright has a professional team that works closely with manufacturing partners to assure customers of quality.
Among the large sum of choices, Sinoright is the premier provider of supply chain solutions for the food and beverage making enterprises.
We have a wide range of scale which covered sweetener, acidity agent, thickener and so on.  

Products: sodium saccharin, citric acid, dextrose...

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Sinoright has established a solid cooperative relationship with major veterinary manufacturers in China.

Classification of this field covers hundreds of raw materials such as treatment, prevention, insecticide, killing, nutrition, feed additives and so on.The varieties can basically guarantee the needs of customers.
As Sinoright continues to grow and develop, it will continue to provide more safe, efficient and high-quality products for the industry, and contribute to the development of veterinary raw materials.

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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

To catch up with the rapid growth of manufacturing industry, speciality chemicals are being used in thousands of areas.
The company has established a professional team, responsible for the maintenance and development of chemical products business.
Thanks to their hard-working, Sinoright can guarantee to meet the customers’ requirements.

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Dyestuff Intermediates

Dyestuff Intermediates

Sinoright takes quality as the life of enterprise development, the cornerstone of customer’s recognition, the only condition for market access. 

For customers who require dyestuff intermediates, Sinoright offers the assurance that we can provide well-established expertise in working with these products.

Our products sell well all over the world and are favored by our customers. 

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Agrochemical is necessary in agrifulture production. In many countries, the use of agrochemicals is strictly regulated.

Government licenses may be rrequired for the purchase and use of approved agricultural.

Sinoright has accumulated rich experience in exporting such products. We pay enough attention to every request from our customers or their governments.

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Water Treatments

Water Treatments

After years of development, our water treatment technology has been greatly developed.
We always keep up with changes in the industry and constantly improve our own conditions.
Sinoright will put more and more effort in water treatment products.

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