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Wheat Starch

Wheat starch is a carbohydrate found in wheat and is a common part of the human diet. Typical sources of starch for baking include wheat, corn, potatoes or tapioca. It is a polysaccharide containing an abundance of glucose molecules. Whether in its original form or as one of its derivatives, starch has a variety of uses in the food and manufacturing industries.
When used in food, wheat starch assists with texture, viscosity, gel formation, adhesion, binding, moisture retention and can be used as a fat substitute. It also works as an emulsifier, stabilizer and a clouding or glazing agent. However, it’s primary use in the food industry is a thickening agent.

There are two types of wheat starches commonly used:
1. Native Starch: the original form of starch powder extracted from plants. Starch in its pure form is a white, tasteless, odorless powder that is insoluble in cold water or alcohol. It’s used to thicken and stabilize many custards, desserts, sauces, and instant foods

2. Modified Starch: native starch that has been modified physically, enzymatically, or chemically. This is done to enhance or diminish specific attributes of starch, specializing the modified starch for thickening, gelling, encapsulating or such.

Wheat starch thickens food through gelatinization and retrogradation. Heat causes starch to absorb water and swell, while increasing viscosity and clarity. Once the maximum viscosity is reached, the cells move apart and decrease viscosity. When the product begins to cool again, viscosity increases, making the solution cloudy and eventually forming a gel. The strength of the gel depends on the type of starch and how much is used.

The packing of this product is 25KG/bag, and 1FCL can hold 20tons.

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