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Do you really know anything about maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a low - conversion product between starch and starch sugar.
White or light yellow amorphous powder in appearance, no visible impurities, with a special odor, not sweet or slightly sweet taste.
The United States definition is: corn starch raw material through hydrolytic conversion, spray drying and obtained from carbohydrate products.
The Chinese definition is: starch or starch as raw materials, enzymatic hydrolysis of low degree, refining, spray drying made starch derivatives without free starch.
Its series of products according to the different DE value, the common product specifications are: MD10, MD15, MD20, etc.

The use of maltodextrin

(1) Maltodextrin added to milk powder and other dairy products can make the volume of the product expand, not easy to caking, instant dissolution, good toning, extend the shelf life of the product, while reducing costs and improving economic benefits.
It can also improve the nutrient ratio, improve the nutritional ratio, easy to digest and absorb.
The role of maltodextrin in the formulation of functional milk powder, especially sucrose-free milk powder and infant infant milk powder, has been confirmed.
The dosage of 5% ~ 20%.

(2) Used in soy milk powder, instant oatmeal, malted milk and other nutritious leisure food, with good taste and instant thickening effect, avoid precipitation stratification phenomenon, can absorb the smell of beans or milk odor, prolong the retention period.
The reference dosage is 10%~25%.
(3) When used in solid drinks, such as milk tea, fruit crystal, instant tea and solid tea, the product can maintain the characteristics and fragrance of the original product, reduce the cost, and the product has a mellow, delicate and fragrant taste. The instant dissolution effect is excellent, and the crystallization precipitation can be inhibited.
The emulsifying effect is good and the carrier function is obvious.
The reference dosage is 10%~30%.
Maltodextrin of DE24~29 suitable for the production of coffee companion, dosage can be up to 70%. 
(4) used in fruit drinks, such as coconut milk, peanut, almond milk and various lactic acid drinks, strong emulsifying ability, juice and other original nutrition flavor unchanged, easy to be absorbed by the human body, viscosity improved, pure product, good stability, not easy to precipitate.
Used for sports drinks, maltodextrin in the metabolism of human body, heat energy for consumption easy to maintain balance.
The reference dosage is 5%~15%.
(5) Used in ice cream, ice cream or Popsicle and other frozen food, ice granules expand and delicate, good viscosity, mild sweet taste, little or no cholesterol, pure flavor, clean entrance, good taste.
The dosage of 10% ~ 25%.

(6) When used in candy, it can increase the toughness of candy, prevent sand return and closing, and improve the structure.
Reduce the sweetness of candy, reduce dental disease, reduce the phenomenon of sticky teeth, improve flavor, prevent deliquescence, prolong shelf life.
Dosage is generally 10%~30%.
(7) for biscuits or other convenient food, full shape, smooth surface, bright color, good appearance effect.
The products are crispy and delicious, with moderate sweet taste. They don't touch teeth in the mouth and don't leave residue. The defective products are few and the shelf life is long.
The dosage of 5% ~ 10%.
(8) Maltodextrin in a variety of canned or soups, the main role is to increase the consistency, improve the structure, appearance and flavor.
Used in solid seasonings, spices, powder oil and other foods, plays a diluent, filling role, can prevent moisture caking, easy to store the product.
In the powder oil can also play the function of substitute oil.

(9) The addition of maltodextrin in meat products such as ham and sausage can reflect the characteristics of strong viscosity and thickening, so that the products are delicate, rich in taste, easy to package and shape, and extend the shelf life.
The dosage of 5% ~ 10%.

Advantages of maltodextrin

1.Improve the viscosity of food
Improving the viscosity of food is one of the important functions of maltodextrin. It can increase the solubility of a variety of food materials and play a significant emulsifying role. It can increase the viscosity of the food made, and make them more attractive in taste.
Maltodextrin can also inhibit the Browning reaction of various food materials and prevent Browning of food materials in the process of processed food.
2.Reduce the sweetness of food
Lower food sweetness is also the main efficacy of malt dextrin in many candy will join the right amount of malt dextrin, this can let the sweetness of candy, and candy toughness increases, it could make to make candy taste more attractive, and is of great benefit to extend the shelf life candy, usually those who contain the food of maltodextrin by sin and hyperglycemia and diabetic people use in life,
3. Replace fats
Maltodextrin is the most common form of fat replacers in life, people to make a salad or ice cream, and foods high in fat sausage can be replace fat with maltodextrin, such can let produce food is low in fat people eat will not absorb too much fat, also won't be induced by high fat disease, regular consumption can prevent the body fat.
4. Change the appearance structure of food
Change the appearance of maltodextrin structure is also important, people in the production of the convenient food such as cookies or cakes can join the right amount of malt dextrin, this will let produce the products taste good, non-stick teeth, and will not leave a residue after eating, and to join the food made of maltodextrin shape and appearance are smooth and full, look can let a person the feeling of appetite.

What is the harm of maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a cheap carbohydrate, which is just a filler for milk powder production. Adding it to milk powder can extend the shelf life of products, thus reducing the production cost of enterprises.
However, the addition of maltodextrin could not significantly promote the growth and development of the baby.
Maltodextrin itself although there is no harm, but excessive add can lead to nutritional deficiencies, powdered milk babies need to convert discharge increase liver and kidney burden, unable to absorb the other nutrients in milk powder, the more the cheap material added in other nutrients would be less, came down in the nature of the dealer cost accordingly, that's obvious.

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