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What is the secret of delaying aging and keeping healthy?

Succinic acid (carboxylic acid) is an organic compound that participates in the cellular respiration of living organisms and contributes to the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The substance was first obtained in the XVII century from amber. Today, on an industrial scale, the acid is extracted by hydrogenation of maleic anhydrite. Its salts and esters are called succinates.

Succinic acid – colorless crystals, well soluble in water, alcohol, insoluble in chloroform, gasoline, benzene. The melting point of the compound is -185 degrees Celsius, when it reaches 235 degrees, it turns into amber anhydride. The substance has strong antioxidant properties, neutralizes free radicals, improves the functioning of the brain, liver, heart, strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of malignant neoplasms, inhibits inflammatory processes, lowers blood sugar, restores the nervous system, neutralizes poisons, promotes the dissolution of kidney stones.
The chemical formula of the compound is C4H6O4. It is used in pharmaceuticals (for the production of quinoline), the food industry (as an additive E363), analytical chemistry, in the production of plastics, resins.


Without succinic acid, the human body cannot exist. It is interesting that the compound and its derivatives are participants in metabolic processes, an intermediate product of the reaction of saccharides, complex fats, proteins. Every day, the human body produces 200 mg of acid per day, which is consumed to maintain life cycles. The interaction of succinates with oxygen is accompanied by the release of a large amount of energy necessary to accelerate metabolism, maintain physical activity. To determine the daily needs of the body in succinic acid, the human body weight should be multiplied by 0.03 grams. The resulting product will be considered an individual norm recommended for daily use. 


People have long worn jewelry made of amber resin, which was believed to protect its owner from evil spirits and heal from ailments. People are still aware of the miraculous properties of the sunstone today. However, not everyone knows that succinic acid is" to blame " for everything, which improves health and strengthens the immune system. The ancestors used amber to slow down the aging process, rid the body of ailments. In the twentieth century, scientists seriously approached the study of the healing properties of the compound. As a result of research, doctors have found that the acid removes toxins from the body, increases its resistance to infectious diseases, relieves hangover syndrome, restores the functioning of internal organs, especially after irradiation. 


In the human body, the lack of succinates directly depends on the growth of megacities, the environmental situation. The larger the city and the worse the state of the environment, the more succinic acid is required to maintain the vital activity of internal organs and systems.
The reasons for the lack of succinates in the body are:
· nervous,
· stressful situations;
· emotional, physical exertion;
· difficult environmental situation;
· technogenic factors;
· high level of noise pollution of the city.
When these factors occur, the human body begins to consume succinic acid in an increased amount. As a result, 200 milligrams of the compound produced by the internal organs to maintain the life cycle becomes insufficient, there is a tension in the metabolic chain.
Signs of a deficiency of the compound:
· weight gain;
· "accelerated" aging process;
· decreased immunity;
· rapid fatigue;
· poor brain function;
· lack of energy;
· weakness;
· decreased performance;
· skin problems.


The following forms of drug release are distinguished:
1. tablets (the content of the active substance is 0.1 grams / piece);
2. powder (the amount of succinic acid in the drug depends on the volume of packaging).
To strengthen the body, improve well-being, normalize the work of internal organs, the standard course of therapy consists in taking one gram of powder or one tablet of succinic acid per day for a month. In the absence of positive dynamics after the end of the course, the daily dose should be tripled. It should be divided into three times and taken at equal time intervals. An important condition is to take a break for a day every three days. This will allow you to unload the body and avoid an overdose.


Succinic acid has a beneficial effect on the skin condition:
· normalizes the complexion;
· nourishes the cells of the epidermis;
· eliminates signs of aging, fights with aging;
· increases elasticity;
· restores the water-salt balance;
· accelerates cell regeneration, metabolic processes in the dermis;
· lightens age spots;
· improves blood circulation in the skin, saturates it with oxygen;
· removes pimples, acne;
· regulates the sebaceous glands;
· smoothes the contours of scars, "crow's feet".
To improve the condition and appearance of the skin, it is recommended to make homemade masks based on succinates. Before applying the "vitamin mixture" to the face, remove excess sebaceous gland secretions, cosmetics and dirt with a cleansing milk.


Succinic acid is a compound that exhibits anti-toxic and antioxidant properties, stimulates metabolism, relieves nervous tension, reduces weight, strengthens hair, cleanses the skin. The human body synthesizes 200 grams of a useful substance every day. This amount is sufficient to ensure the life cycle. However, there are factors that increase the body's need for succinic acid (see "Daily requirement"). Despite the beneficial properties of the compound, its intake should be limited for stomach ulcers, hypertension, urolithiasis and heart diseases.

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